Andriana Christodoulia's passion for jewelry design and manufacturing begins at an early age. Already from her adolescence she created beautiful earrings and bracelets that she gave to relatives and friends !! The time was passing and Adriana realized that they are looking for passion in her profession. Well, he agreed to teach it for two years at Mokume School, four years at the "Mokume" school where he graduated with the titles: "craftsmen in jewelry production" and "craftsmen in handmade jewelry". The next step after her studies was her participation in
competitions and exhibitions. Having gained the necessary experiences, she decided in 2017 to open her own workshop, where with passion and perseverance she makes beautiful handmade creations. Continuation of this effort is the current online store that has been operating since 2018.
Its source of inspiration are geometric shapes, abstract minimalist lines and nature. All jewelry is made of careful materials that make them ideal for all occasions. Adriana characteristically states that: “the art of Silver and Goldsmithing is fascinating because you take an inanimate material like silver and give it shape, harmony and beauty. But what excites me most is that all this will be transferred to the owner of the jewelry and somehow he will understand this -magic- energy! ".